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Capture the sound of the mediterranean with this authentically sampled Greek Lyre. The range of the acoustic instrument has been extended chromatically across three octaves to make it playable in any key or scale. Recorded in three velocity layers, Lyre Lyre is a fully dynamic and evocative instrument that feels natural to play on a midi keyboard. It features an easy-to-navigate GUI with built-in plate reverb and delay effects that can be adapted to enhance creativity. 


Installation Instructions

  • Lyre Lyre runs in Kontakt. Therefore, the user must own and have Kontakt inside of their DAW to open this virtual instrument. 
  • Once you have downloaded the zip file, save it in a place you can remember and extract the folder and its contents.
  • Then, in Kontakt, under the "files" heading, find the "Lyre Lyre.nki" file in the saved folder and open it. The virtual instrument will load automatically. 


For any customer service queries, please email

Lyre Lyre

$25.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
    • 3 velocity layers
    • 3 round robins
    • 156 samples
    • Download Size: 590.1MB
    • Runs in Kontakt 6 or higher
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