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Jordan Stevenson |
Film Composer, Orchestrator, Musician

About Me

Composer | Musician 

With 5 years of experience in media composition, I am the first New Zealand graduate of the Film Scoring Academy of Europe, having trained under the likes of Andy Hill and Norman Ludwin.

As a drummer, my music contains a strong sense of the rhythm and movement. I enjoy exploring complex emotions through sound and incorporating digital and ethnic instruments into the orchestra for a clean, modern sound.
I'm a proud member of the Screen Music and Sound Guild of New Zealand with a number of short film credits. 

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Mockups & Orchestral Recording

A good mockup goes a long way, but a live orchestra produces an unbeatable sound. I have the skills to arrange, notate, and prepare music for the scoring stage, whether it's a writing for an intimate piano score or a full symphony orchestra.

The piece below is a hybrid score containing live recordings of a woodwind section from the European Recording Orchestra. They are supported by a mockup of piano, percussion, and a string quintet.

Scoring To Picture

Each medium has its own flavours. Let music craft the emotion of your project.

Film Clapboard

"The Legend of Mohan" | Short film score (2023, NZ).

"Good Men" | Short film score (2023, NZ).

"Skins" | Short film score (2023, Canada).

"The Dinner" | Short film score (2022, UK).

"Reserved" | Short film score (2022, NZ).

"Skulduggery Pleasant" | Character theme for a TV adaptation of the popular children's book series (2021, NZ).


Bachelor of Music (Vision College) | Major in drum performance.

Graduate Diploma in Film and Game Scoring (Film Scoring Academy of Europe)

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I'd love to hear from you

+64 27-256-7326

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