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In contrast to my most recent EP, "Unearthed" features tracks with a greater contemporary influence. Synths and keyboards are back. Drums have found their way in front of the microphones, and the results are oh-so exciting! You might say that this collection of music is the best representation of my musical style to date. Don't miss the single releases prior to the EP launch on March 24th.

Discover Soundtracks

Scoring To Picture

This piece was written as an entry to the Indie Film Music Contest in 2022. The music accompanies a moody excerpt from "The Secret Number", dealing with themes of mental health and science-fiction in dramatic fashion. 

The bubbly yet thought-provoking music in this short animation film helps to drive the narrative and themes that the filmmakers wanted the audience to understand. This soundtrack can make you laugh and will surprise you at every turn.

Looking for something a bit more action-packed? This trailer for a sci-fi has it all; massive cinematic drum hits, wide open atmospheres, powerful orchestral sequences and terrifying synths.

Symphonic Sketches

Symphonic Sketches

Out Now

This adventurous four track EP is available on streaming services. Each piece is unique in identity, but all tied together by the idea of acoustic beauty. The sounds in this EP are completely playable by real instruments and push the boundaries of what you might expect a symphony orchestra to sound like. Be sure to check out JS Composition on Facebook for more information about the EP. You can stream it now on Spotify or elsewhere

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