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Musical Journey

Jordan Stevenson

Even in my younger years I knew that I wanted to make revolutionary music. I began to learn a number of instruments and took a special fondness to the drums. Once I'd left school, a couple of my talented musician friends and I started a band with hopes to make significant waves in the music industry and change the game. However, it wasn't until I had graduated from my bachelor's degree that I realised my greatest passion was for film composing. I was inspired by the composers of some of my favourite movies. The effective simplicity of Hans Zimmer's iconic masterpieces, the raw emotion of Hildur Guðnadóttir's cello duets, and the romance of Patrick Doyle's orchestral waltzes all sunk into my mind. As I began to write for myself, I challenged ideas and broke the rules, seeking to create something original and powerful.

Now I'm a man of ambition, taking every opportunity that comes my way, from TV & film to video games & advertising. I'm honing my skills in digital composition technology and learning the violin. The most important thing for me is the art. It's the creative journey and the audience experience that excites me and keeps me going. Take a look at some of my pieces under 'works' or contact me about a project.

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