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Hire & Licensing

If you are a content creator, this page will give you some additional information about custom music commissioning or music licensing. If you still have more questions, don't hesitate to send me an email.

Custom Music (Film Scores, Themes, Advertising, and more)

Get exclusive usage rights to an original piece of music written to your exact specifications. From grand orchestral scores to aggressive electronic music or intimate piano solos, you decide the musical direction. With JS Composition you are guaranteed professional results delivered the way you want it.

Per minute
$250 (NZD)

This is the standard rate for each minute of delivered music. Includes composition, arranging, recording, mixing, and mastering upon request. Large projects such as TV & feature films may be subject to negotiation.

Video Editing Timeline

Music Licensing (Non-exclusive usage rights)

Get access to a downloadable track composed by Jordan Stevenson for use in your video, even commercially.

Get in touch about licensing a track for your project.

$30 (NZD)

Sheet Music

Learn to play some of Jordan's finest pieces as they are heard in the recordings. Download, practice and perform music to original compositions that your friends and family won't have heard before! Available as piano reductions or full orchestral scores. Please contact us if there is a part you would like to purchase.

($) Price Varies

Sheet Music
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